International Renewable Energy Agency Terrawatt Initiative

The Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative

Joining Forces Together to Scale up Solar Energy


This Initiative aims to design and draft a comprehensive set of open source contracts and guidelines to reduce development time and costs of transaction that weigh heavily on the competitiveness of solar energy. The key objective is thus to simplify and streamline the existing practices by redesigning and rethinking how to deliver a more balanced approach to risk allocation that could contribute to reduced industry costs and an increased deployment of solar around the globe.


The Initiative brings together a large group of public and private sector key experts within the industry (covering financing, development, supplier, insurance and legal expertise). They share a common interest in the need for standardising solar energy project and finance documentation. The working group members and participants together define and agree on the core terms for the standard documentation needed, to set a global quality benchmarks and standards for the sustainability of the industry.


The wide spectrum of participants bring a great amount of expertise and know-how from the market. However, the core objective of the Initiative is not to automatically repeat what has been adopted in the past. All participants to the discussions are invited to challenge both the concepts which might prevail to date in the industry and even sometimes their own ideas and practices. Addressing the weakness and complexity of present practices whilst innovating will allow us to produce together a bankable, cost-oriented and easy-to-implement set of documentation, ensuring a balanced and fair risk-allocation through all the value chains of solar projects.

Our Working Structure

The Initiative consists of seven core and five additional streams of work. Each stream is dedicated to a contract and/or guidance note with input from a large variety of stakeholders across the whole solar industry value chain to ensure we deliver a bankable set of documentation supported by all the industry.

Contracts to be standardised
PPA // Supply Agreements // Installation Agreement // O&M Agreement // Finance Facility Agreement and Financial References // Implementation Agreement Guideline // Project Development Guideline // Governing Law // Dispute Resolution // Corruption and Sanction // Force Majeure

Our working stream leaders

The Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative is a collaboration amongst experts in the industry and is made possible with strong commitment and support from the Members of various working streams. Our working streams - dedicated to each target contract – are led by partners at globally recognised law firms.

Our Working Process

To ensure the delivery of a conclusive and complete set of documents to the global industry, the Initiative has been divided in four core phases:

Phase 1
Brainstorming Process
Phase 2
Contractual Drafting
Phase 3
Review Process
Phase 4
| | | |
| | | |
Detailed discussion between members and preparation of assumption paper/term sheet prior to the detailed drafting for contractual documentation output Drafting of detailed contracts and guidelines to be delivered to the market. Overseeing and reviewing of all contracts and guidelines for consistency and sharing final draft contracts with a wider selection of stakeholders in the industry for their further review and comments. Upon receipt of such feedback, the teams will take into consideration such responses before the finalisation and official launch to the market. Launching of the final product to the market through dedicated events and alongside key events of the energy sector. The final product will be launched online for open and free access for the global solar sector’s use.

Our main forthcoming events

To ensure the delivery of a conclusive and complete set of documents to the global industry, the Initiative has been divided in four core phases:

January 2018
Abu Dhabi
Q2 April - June 2018
Official Launch of the final package
Q3/Q4 July - December 2018
(various locations)
| | |
| | |
Launch of the review phase – to invite a wider group of stakeholders in the industry to a shared online platform for collaborative review process and comments. Official launch of the final standardised contract package freely available online for renewable energy stakeholders around the world. Regional and national events targeting local stakeholders (project developers, off-takers and financial institutions) to ensure high rate of utilisation and uptake of the final contract package.


Director – Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre
Henning Wuester – [email protected]

Associate Programme Officer – RE Finance
Joanne Lee – [email protected]
Project Director
Nicole Iseppi – [email protected]

Project Officer
Yannick Dubois – [email protected]
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